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a rockin’ wednesday night

Hey friends!

How’s everyone’s week going so far?

As the title of this post implies, mine has been pretty rockin’ so far … literally (yes, I know that was lame).

My friend Jess and I went rock climbing at Coyote Rock Gym in Ottawa last night!

we rock!

we rock!

I was super excited, since this was my first time rock climbing … unless you count the time that I beat my brother to the top of the rock wall at Canada’s Wonderland when I was 10, but I think this is different.

After signing a waiver, one of the friendly guys at the gym showed us the ropes (again, lame pun intended). He helped us get our harnesses on, and taught us how to tie the proper knots in our ropes to keep us safe and sound. This was the part of the night where we learned that knot tying is not one of my skills … to say the least. Jess on the other hand, is a knot tying pro!

He then taught us how to safely belay one another, and stood with us for a couple of climbs to make sure we were doing things right. From then on, we were on our own!

Coyote Rock Gym has belaying walls for different skill levels, from a smaller wall with rocks shaped like turtles and happy faces, to higher more advanced walls.

this one wasn't made up of farm animals and happy faces ...

this one wasn’t made up of farm animals and happy faces …

on top of the world ... or the wall.

on top of the world … or the wall.

They also have walls for bouldering – which is climbing without a harness or a belayer. These walls are obviously a lot shorter – closer to the ground in case of falls!





Jess and I tried a little bit of everything – belaying, bouldering, and attempting to climb walls that we by no means could climb.


don’t be intimidated by her muscles, she’s actually very nice.


just hangin’ around

We were there for a few hours and it was A LOT of fun, and a way better workout than I expected, I might add! By the end of the night my entire body was jell-o, and my foam roller came in handy this morning to say the least!

I definitely want to go back to Coyote soon … and I’ll have to bring Jess along so that I have someone to tie my knots!

Have you ever been rock climbing? Did you love it or hate it?


the weekender

Hi guys!

How is everybody? How was your weekend?

I know, I know, I’m about three days too late right? Well, I’m sorry, but I’ve been catching up on sleep and vegetable consumption since MY weekend. Oh yes, it was a good one, and, even though it’s already Wednesday, I’m going to tell you all about it!

You know those weekends that you look forward to all year long, and as soon as they’re over you’re counting the days until the next one? For me, those weekends are usually birthday weekends … my birthday, my best friends’ birthdays, my dog’s birthday. You get the picture, I love birthdays.

Well, this weekend I hosted … you guessed it … a birthday party for one of my best friends!

Meet Tara:

ain't she a beauty?

ain’t she a beauty?

Tara’s 24th birthday is actually this coming weekend, but she’s up and leaving me for ENGLAND in a few days, so we bumped up the party and made it a joint happy birthday/bon voyage.

she's already got the accent down pat ... she'll fit right in!

she’s already got the accent down pat … she’ll fit right in!

I don’t even want to get started about how sad I am that this babe is leaving me. She’s been in Ottawa with me since the very beginning! We were roommates for about 4 years, and she’s always been my partner in crime (and also I like to borrow her clothes, so what?). It’s going to be a crazy adjustment to have her anywhere but here, but I am so super proud of her. She’s hopping over the pond to work at a graphic design firm in London! She’s SO talented – she even designed the header for this very blog. Impressive right?

Okay, now I’m going to move on or I’ll have to change the title of this post to something much darker and depressing.

Alrighty, so where were we? Right, Tara’s birthday shenanigans! We actually started Saturday off with a girl’s trip to a local spa called Le Nordik. About 12 of us girls spent a few hours relaxing in what they call their “nordic baths”, which are pretty much a series of baths, saunas, and steam rooms. Besides the challenge of keeping a group of 12 girls quiet (we got shushed in both official languages quite a few times), it was an awesome day!

we looked a little bit like this, except it was very snowy, and our towels were frozen solid.

we looked a little bit like this, except it was very snowy, and our towels were frozen solid.


After the baths, we all headed home and struggled to fight the urge to nap (am I the only one to which the term “power nap” doesn’t apply? I prefer the term “coffee and baileys”), and got all gussied up for the partay!

I should probably mention that another reason this weekend made me so giddy was because we had two special out of town visitors (not that my in town visitors aren’t special …).

This is Amanda:

she's pleased to meet ya!

she’s pleased to meet ya!

Amanda was actually also my roommate for our last semester at the University of Ottawa (along with 4 other lovely ladies, one being Tara. Still following?), and then she deserted me (do you see a theme here?) to run off to teacher’s college in Toronto. I still love her though because she comes to visit.

This is Tori:

I should probably mention that I'm the other person in these photos, in case that isn't clear ...

I should probably mention that I’m the other person in these photos, in case that isn’t clear …

Tori is actually one of my oldest friends in the whole wide world. Not in the sense that she herself is very old, because she isn’t, but in the sense that I’ve known her the longest … since the 6th grade to be exact!

SO, it was so exciting to see some friends that I hadn’t seen in a long while, and to celebrate with friends that I see all the time too!

There were cupcakes!

7 mini cupcakes have less calories than 1 normal sized cupcake, yes?

7 mini cupcakes have less calories than 1 normal sized cupcake, yes?

I made these myself using my fail-proof secret recipe: 1 box cake mix + 1 can diet soda. In this case I used Diet 7up, but if your cake is chocolate you could also use Diet Coke! Seriously, if you haven’t tried this yet – do it! It saves you having to add the oil and the eggs, and its so simple and delicious! So delicious in fact, that I’m eating one right now.

proof that i'm a genius cupcake chef.

proof that i’m a genius cupcake chef.

Actually, now that I think about it, I think I got this idea from Alyssa over at Life of Blyss! Genius!

Even though for me, the cupcakes were the highlight of the night (kidding, kind of), the entire night was such a blast!

me and the lady of the hour.

me and the lady of the hour.

some lovely ladies and my couch. ps. world! meet kaylie (on the left) and emily (on the right), they're lovely!

meet my friends: Kaylie (on the left) and Emily (in the middle), they’re lovely!

some lovin'

some lovin’

i'll just throw this out there one last time .. please don't leave me!

i’ll just throw this out there one last time .. please don’t leave me!

The night ended with a slumber party (if you’re wondering where that guy I live with was during all of this, he, intelligently, found some males and escaped for the evening) and the next day was spent going out for breakfast and laughing way too hard, getting ourselves some ice cream, watching 10 consecutive episodes of New Girl (love my girl Zooey), followed by a viewing of Pitch Perfect (so funny!).

super kid for amanda, cookie dough for moi.

super kid for amanda, cookie dough for moi.

Definition of the perfect Sunday? I think yes!

Since then, like I said, I’ve been catching up on sleep and exercise and vegetables (and also that one last cupcake … ) and all those other important things. I promise that I didn’t lie when I told you those things were priorities for me, but sometimes birthdays, slumber parties and cupcakes are even more important, agreed?

Whew! That was a long one! If you can remember how your weekend was spent (I know 3 days is a stretch!), tell me all about it!

pleased to meet you!

They say first impressions are everything. I guess I better not blow it!

I thought for my very first blog post, it would be fitting to teach you all a little bit about the “blogger” (I think its fair I keep using quotation marks until I get the hang of this – yes?).

Ready? Here are some fun facts about yours truly:

  • It took me over a year to finally start this blog. When I started to talk about other bloggers like they were my friends, and ending most sentences with “I could totally blog about this”, people started insisting.
reason enough to blog?

reason enough to blog?


  • I have a lot of favorite blogs. They’re all my favorites for different reasons, and they all inspired me to start this one.
  • I don’t eat red meat. There’s no political reason for this, I just don’t like it.
  • I eat a lot of chicken. A lot a lot of chicken.
  • I don’t eat tomatoes, or anything “tomato-esque” except ketchup. This is due to the inhumane way our tomatoes are treated … just kidding, I just don’t like tomatoes.
  • I must sound like the pickiest eater. I kind of am, but I’m much better than I used to be. I went through a phase as a child where I only ate canned mushrooms. I’d like to think I’ve come a long way.

picky eater


  • My favorite workouts are circuits and intervals. Quick and sweaty for the win!


  • My favorite food is french fries. But that’s OK because my second and third favorites are fruits and vegetables.
although i usually prefer my vegetables minus the sticker

although i usually prefer my vegetables minus the sticker

  • I live with a boy. He’s kind of great though.

me and sean

  • I used to live with a lot of girls. They’re all kind of great though.


  • I have two younger brothers, and two parents (hi mom and dad!), they’re all also kind of great.
my whole fam-damily

my whole fam-damily

  • I’m constantly trying to soak up as much information as I can about fitness, nutrition and health in general. So help me! and I’ll help you. Yes, let’s help each other!

Well, I think that’s enough about me for today. It’s only our first date after all. Gotta keep the mystery alive 😉

Is anybody out there? Tell me a fun fact about you!